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Farm To Bottle Herbal Products

Have you ever seen or tasted a tincture or elixir made from farm fresh herbs?  It's color is vibrant and it tastes alive.  Herbs, especially the leaf and flower parts, are fragile and often travel from far away places which impacts their freshness and also creates a larger carbon footprint.  At Twig and Petal we make our products from farm fresh herbs, harvested at just the right time so the products are of the highest quality.  It makes a difference you can taste and feel.

Classes and Ayurvedic Treatments

     Ayurveda is a system of health originating in India.  In Sanskrit the word Ayurveda literally means the science or study of life.  Ayurveda is an element based, seasonal system that focuses on balance in all areas of life.  

     Ayurvedic treatments work with a person's specific constitution to help bring balance back into the body, mind and spirit.





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