Wellness CSA

Wellness CSA


*Support a small, local farm

*Enjoy fresh, vibrant products

*Receive nourishing treatments

*Learn about Ayurveda and Herbs

What is a Wellness CSA?


Farm Fresh Herbal Products


     Have you ever seen or tasted a tincture or elixir made from farm fresh herbs?  It's color is vibrant and it tastes alive.  Herbs, especially the leaf and flower parts, are fragile and often travel from far away places which impacts their freshness and also creates a larger carbon footprint.  At Twig and Petal we make our products from farm fresh herbs, harvested at just the right time so the products are of the highest quality.  It makes a difference you can taste and feel.  

     Any farm crop is dependent on ever shifting weather and growing conditions.  The CSA model allows the medicine maker the flexibility to use whatever herbs are thriving the most at any given time so that you are receiving the best possible product.  

  The herbal component of the CSA has a focus on (but is not limited to) nervous system supporting products.  Each month you will receive 2-5 products.  These may be teas, tinctures, cordials, elixirs, salves, dried cooking blends, etc.  Some of the herbs growing that will go into these products are : Tulsi, Chamomile, Mint, Rose, Passionflower, Skullcap, Calendula, Hops, Ashwagandha, Greek Mountain Tea, Lemon Balm, Comfrey, Lavender, and many more!


Monthly Ayurveda and Herbal Classes


      What makes the Wellness CSA different from other herbal CSAs is the addition of monthly classes and Ayurvedic Treatments.  The classes will cover the basics of Ayurveda to establish a lens to look at health and life in general.  They will be self care based and will also include information on the herbs and products you will be receiving.  



Monthly Ayurvedic Treatments


     The final part of the CSA is monthly Ayurvedic treatments.  I will spend some time during the first session chatting with you and deciphering which treatments will be the most beneficial for you.  Then each month you will receive a nervous system nourishing treatment.  Ayurvedic treatments are subtle yet very powerful and are enhanced by receiving them regularly.  You can learn more about the specific treatments here. 

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